Underwater video

Length       Weight       Depth

 2 1/8"          3/8oz           3'-4'

The Whitty is our first crankbait we are releasing to customers. It is a hand-made, fat body, squarebill crankbait with a wide wobble and hunting action. We crafted this lure out of a material that we believe is better than balsa! The material is a similar density, more durable, and will not absorb water. That means, no more worrying about water intrusion damaging the lure. The Whitty has a circuit board bill so it can take the abuse of crashing through a brush pile or grinding down a rip-rap bank. This lure has a tungsten weight transfer system to aid in making accurate casts and it also gives a deep knocking rattle to the lure. The Whitty is armed with a #4 front and #6 rear Mustad KVD triple grip hooks and is ready to fish right out of the package.

  • Hand-made
  • Wide wobbling action
  • Tungsten weight transfer system
  • Deep knocking sound
  • Better than balsa material
  • Circuit board bill
  • Through wire construction

Price per lure: $22.00