Whitty -1


Length       Weight       Depth

 2 1/8"          3/8oz        12"-18"

The Whitty -1 is a hand-made, fat body, crankbait that dives to 1 foot. It has a wide wobble and hunting action. If you hold your rod up you can get this bait to wake just under the surface. If you point your rod tip down and the bait will get down to 1'.

We crafted this lure out of a material that we believe is better than balsa! The material is a similar density, more durable, and will not absorb water. That means, no more worrying about water intrusion damaging the lure. The Whitty has a circuit board bill so it can take the abuse of crashing through a brush pile or grinding down a rip-rap bank. This lure has a tungsten weight transfer system to aid in making accurate casts and it also gives a deep knocking rattle to the lure. The Whitty is armed with a #4 front and #6 rear Mustad KVD triple grip hooks and is ready to fish right out of the package.

  • Hand-made
  • Wide wobbling action
  • Tungsten weight transfer system
  • Deep knocking sound
  • Better than balsa material
  • Circuit board bill
  • Through wire construction

Price per lure: $22.00

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